The Inner West

The Inner West

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The founder of the influential Gnosis magazine collects essays by some of today’s finest spiritual writers to explore the West’s magical and esoteric traditions.

Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, The Knights Templar . . . Even before the success of The Da Vinci Code, many readers knew of these and other aspects of Western esoterica. But few understand their true meaning.

In The Inner West, more than twenty essays by seventeen leading authors shine a light on some of the most mysterious and closely held aspects of the Western tradition. Its authors bring to life the symbolist and occult philosophies that populate the history and beliefs of the Western way. These same philosophies-which include variants of Christian and Jewish mysticism, and the teachings of figures like Rudolf Steiner and G. I. Gurdjieff-can present a deep and different spiritual path for today’s seekers.

Spiritual seekers have often looked to the East for inspiration and guidance. Yet increasing numbers of people are discovering that many helpful wisdom traditions have existed right here in the West. With the Kabbalah and Tarot cards more popular than ever, and alternative spirituality from Wicca to Sufism gaining a new audience, The Inner West is a timely book for this expanding audience

Table of Contents

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Introduction to the Inner West
by Jay Kinney

The West’s Esoteric Roots

1. Hermes & Alchemy: The Winged God and The Golden Word
By Richard Smolet

2. The Star-Gods of Neoplatonism
by Kenneth Stein

3. The Quest for Spiritual Freedom: the Gnostic Worldview
by Stephan A. Hoeller

The Inner Side of the West’s Religions

4. Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism: An Overview
by Pinchas Giller

5. The Mysticism of Christian Teaching
By Theodore J. Nottingham

6. Sufism: A Path to Human Wholeness
by Kabir Helminski

The Secret Teachings

7. The Quest of the Magus: A Summary of the Western Magical Tradition
by Thomas D. Worrel

8. The Unexamined Tarot
by Chas S. Clifton

9. Ladder to Labyrinth: The Spiritual and Psychological Dimensions of Astrology
by Pricilla Costello

10. Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom
by Caitlín Matthews

11. Explaining Wicca
by Judy Harrow

12. The Hidden Sages and the Knights Templar
by Robert Richardson

13. The Rosicrucian Dream
by Christopher McIntosh

14. Masonic Civilization
by Richard Smoley

Mystics and Teachers

15. Heavens and Hells: The Inner Worlds of Emanuel Swedenborg
by Gary Lachman

16. Blavatsky and her Masters
by K. Paul Johnson

17. The Apocalyptic Steiner
by Anastasy Tousomou

18. Rene Schwaller de Lubicz and The Intelligence of the Heart
by Gary Lachman

19. G.I. Gurdjieff: Meetings with a Remarkable Paradox
by Richard Smoley

20. Facing the Traditionalists
by Joscelyn Godwin