The Instant Economist

The Instant Economist

Everything You Need to Know About How the Economy Works

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  • 272 Pages
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The Only Economics Book You Will Ever Need – A Library Journal 2012 Best Business Book of the Year

Economics isn’t just about numbers: It’s about politics, psychology, history, and so much more. We are all economists-when we work, save for the future, invest, pay taxes, and buy our groceries. Yet many of us feel lost when the subject arises. Award-winning professor Timothy Taylor tackles all the key questions and hot topics of both microeconomics and macroeconomics, including:

  • Why do budget deficits matter?
  • What exactly does the Federal Reserve do?
  • Does globalization take jobs away from American workers?
  • Why is health insurance so costly?


    The Instant Economist offers the knowledge and sophistication to understand the issues- so you can understand and discuss economics on a personal, national, and global level.

The Instant Economist

The Instant Economist

Written by: Timothy Taylor