The Island of Eternal Love

The Island of Eternal Love

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  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781440637322
  • 416 Pages
  • Riverhead
  • Adult


A magical new novel “of loss and love across more than a century of Cuba’s past.”(Chicago Sun-Times)

Alone in a city that haunts her, far from her family, her history, and the island she left behind, Cecelia seeks refuge in a bar in Little Havana where a mysterious old woman’s fascinating tale keeps Cecelia returning night after night. Her powerful story of long-vanished epochs weaves the saga of three families from far-flung pieces of the world whose connection forms the kind of family that Cecelia has long been missing-one cast from legendary, unbreakable love. As Cecelia falls under the story’s heady sway, she discovers the source of the visions that plague her, and a link to the past she cannot shake.

The Island of Eternal Love

The Island of Eternal Love

Daina Chaviano


I.M.P.A.C. Dublin Award – Winner


-Chicago Sun- Times

“A rich, moving, musical novel.”
-Locus magazine

“[An] ambitious novel.”

“Rich, satisfying…this work is an absolute delight.”
-Library Journal

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