The Jackal's Share

The Jackal’s Share

A Novel

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  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781101605899
  • 336 Pages
  • Penguin Books
  • Adult


“The novel is as much Raymond Chandler as John le Carré . . . Chris Morgan Jones has more than equaled his powerful debut.” —The Observer (U.K.)
A vivid and relentless tale of murderous corporate espionage, Chris Morgan Jones’s The Jackal’s Share follows the money through the rotten alleys of Marrakech and the shining spires of Dubai, revealing a Middle East as strange and raw as ever depicted. The story begins when Ben Webster, a London corporate investigator specializing in post-Soviet Russia, is hired by a wealthy Iranian philanthropist to clear his good name. Forced to investigate a man above reproach, Webster soon discovers that his master’s past is actually a dense net of interlocking half-truths. As he closes in on the reality of the Iranian’s fortune—and those who wish to destroy it—Webster learns he may pay for that knowledge with the life of his own family.


“With a British appreciation for understatement, Jones elegantly executes the basic elements of the conventional thriller. Take one lone-wolf agent and set him on the trail of an enigmatic big shot with sketchy business associates. Throw in some swanky locales, a few well-placed corpses and brewing trouble in our hero’s marriage. Wrap it all up with a couple of truly tense cliffhangers, and the result is what the great but apologetic thriller writer Graham Greene famously downplayed as ‘an entertainment.’…Terrific news for fans of first-class thrillers.”
—Maureen Corrigan, NPR

“The novel is as much Raymond Chandler as John le Carré; as much The Big Sleep as The Spy Who Came in From the Cold… Chris Morgan Jones has more than equaled his powerful debut and in Ben Webster has created a flawed (of course), likeable central character. I look forward to getting to know him better.”
The Observer (UK)

“Comparisons with Le Carré have bedevilled Jones from the outset. But he does invite them, and never more so than in this elegant novel about the dark, amoral charisma of the super-rich… Murky, mesmerising stuff.”The Guardian (UK)

“Ambivalent as ever about the ethics of the superrich and his part in solving their problems, Webster proves to be the ethically troubled anti-Bond. A more-than-worthy sequel with deft, complex and believable plotting, tense, gut-wrenching action,
and classy literary writing

“A surprising plot and deceptively simple prose distinguish Jones’s exceptional thriller, his second after his impressive debut, 2012’s The Silent Oligarch.”
Publisher’s Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

***Praise for The Silent Oligarch***

“From Chris Morgan Jones, an absolutely terrific novel. It”s about international intrigue–but the real deal. The Silent Oligarch is beautifully written, clean and terse, but you won”t notice, because you”ll be reading just as fast as you can. Very highly recommended, and you”ll want more.”
—Alan Furst, author of Spies of the Balkans and Night Soldiers

“This is a happy partner to the work of Deighton, Archer, and le Carré. Mysterious men, cryptic of speech and beautifully tailored, move through glittery settings—seacoasts, grand hotels, swank neighborhoods—carried on craftily understated prose that approaches cold poetry… Men are betrayed. Drugged. Kidnapped. Tossed off buildings. Downed by snipers. If the good guys win, it’s at such a cost they’re left wondering if they accomplished anything. They did. They were part of a first-class novel.
Booklist (starred)

“Like the icy eastern winter that seeps through the pages of his novel, Jones’s prose is clean and cold, crisp and ominous. In its intelligence, its crispness, its refusal to recognise anything other than shades of grey, there are undoubtedly resonances of Le Carré here. But [The Silent Oligarch] is too good to need the publishing shorthand for “classy thriller”: this is a debut that definitely stands on its own merits.”
The Guardian (UK)

“Fans of thrillers, especially those set in present-day Russia, will welcome the supernova that has burst onto the spy and suspense scene . . With a mysterious, complex plot and terrific local color, this novel resonates to the pounding heartbeats of the boldly drawn main characters. John le Carré, Martin Cruz Smith, and Brent Ghelfi will be inching over in the book display so readers in search of erudite, elegant international intrigue can spot the newcomer.”
Library Journal