The Judas Judge

The Judas Judge

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Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780451203601
  • 304 Pages
  • Dutton
  • Adult


In a remote New Mexico campground, six people are killed in an apparently senseless murder spree. Deputy State Police Chief Kevin Kerney suspects the slaying wasn’t random at all—but rather a calculated plot to eliminate one high-profile victim, retired judge, Vernon Langsford. In piecing together the judge’s shocking past, Kerney discovers the victim’s predilection for sexual indiscretions, a history of family betrayal and greed, and a dark marriage that ended mysteriously and violently. But as Kerney gets closer to the heart of a terrible crime, it’s a woman from his own past who emerges with a stunning secret of her own.


“McGarrity gets betters and better.”—Tony Hillerman

“The Judas Judge rivets attention…a book that’s hard to put down.”—Publishers Weekly

“A roller-coaster ride…[and] so much more than a murder mystery.”—Colorado Springs Gazette

“Taut and convincing…I read this one in a single sitting.”—Chicago Tribune

“There are some devious minds at work in The Judas Judge…which loops with serpentine grace through the ranches, railroad towns, Indian reservations and open spaces of [New Mexico]. McGarrity’s portrait of the region is a strong one, built on meticulously detailed intelligence gathered, sifted and analyzed for unspoken secrets and lies by the author’s own deeply cunning mind.” —The New York Times

“McGarrity’s novels keep getting richer. [The Judas Judge] rivets attention…by gradually uncovering secrets hidden by a large cast of well-drawn suspects.” —Publishers Weekly

“A seamless story that will keep you turning the pages.” —Colorado Springs Gazette

“With each succeeding mystery, McGarrity is ever more sure of his central character, Kerney. Richly textured in setting and character, this series gets better with each outing.” —The Dallas Times Herald

“The Judas Judge is solid evidence that a good series…can actually becomes even more satisfying. Quite a page-turner.” —Library Journal