The Killer

The Killer

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The third and final novella in the electrifying e-book-exclusive trilogy by R.J. Ellory, “the perfect author to read late into the night” (Clive Cussler)

In Three Days in Chicagoland, his most ambitious effort yet, R.J. Ellory tackles the story of a brutal murder from three radically different perspectives. It’s 1956, and though Chicago’s gangland days are long over, it remains a city drenched in violence. Its latest victim is Carole Shaw, a young woman who had no enemies—except, that is, The Killer who strangled her to death and left her body on her kitchen’s cold, linoleum floor.

The Killer reveals the explosive solution to the many puzzles introduced in The Sister and The Cop, the first two novellas in this remarkable mini-epic. The Killer is narrated by Lewis Woodroffe, the man who is about to be executed for the savage murder of Carole Shaw. As he describes the broken home and broken dreams that led to that bloody night, Woodroffe pulls the rug out from under the reader and rewrites the story that we thought we knew. A stunning conclusion to Three Days in Chicagoland, The Killer will leave you breathless, and desperate to reread what has come before.
The Killer

The Killer

R.J. Ellory


Praise for A Quiet Belief in Angels:

“There aren’t nearly enough beautifully written novels that are also great mysteries. Like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Smilla’s Sense of Snow, A Quiet Belief in Angels is one of them.” –James Patterson

“R. J. Ellory is a uniquely gifted, passionate, and powerful writer, and the quality of his prose–every word, every sentence–hits A Quiet Belief in Angels far above its genre.” –Alan Furst

A Quiet Belief in Angels is a rich, powerful, evocative novel of great psychological depth.” –Jonathan Kellerman


Three Days in Chicagoland
R.J. Ellory
R.J. Ellory
R.J. Ellory