The Lessons of Saint Francis

The Lessons of Saint Francis

How to Bring Simplicity and Spirituality into Your Daily Life

Written by: John Michael Talbot
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The life of St. Francis of Assisi was a paradigm of simplicity, humanity, and love. In today’s busy world, his practices have enormous appeal, described in this inspiring work by John Michael Talbot, the founder of The Brothers and Sisters of Charity, a lay order based on the Franciscan principles of simplicity and self-sufficiency. In The Lessons Of St. Francis, Talbot and co-author Steve Rabey demonstrate the enduring significance of Franciscan wisdom. Organized by topic, such as Simplicity, Humility, Compassion, Solitude, Service, and Prayer, each chapter includes excerpts from the writings of St. Francis, as well as those of his followers and biographers. Combining deep spiritual insights with the offer of a saner, less chaotic way of living, The Lessons Of St. Francis offers wise advice on how to incorporate these virtues into our own lives today.
The Lessons of Saint Francis

The Lessons of Saint Francis

Written by: John Michael Talbot, Written by: Steve Rabey


“A thought-provoking work that, like St. Francis, can appeal to anyone, anywhere.”—Houston Chronicle

“Like translations of the Bible, the lives of saints need to be periodically retranslated for a new time. The Lessons of St. Francis does just that for all who are open to being transformed by the life of this enduring saint.”—Michael Card, award-winning musician and the author of The Joy in the Journey
“A fine manual of spirituality for everyday living… an excellent introduction to St. Francis and his ongoing influence. Anyone who seeks a simple, commonsense approach to spirituality in today’s busy, noisy world will benefit from this book.”—CBA Marketplace
“Readers will learn much about the mission, legacy, and timeless appeal of Francis, this most human of saints.”—Wichita Eagle
“This small wisdom book combines personal narration with practical advice to cut across all religious traditions. Through the universally loved life and works of Francis of Assisi, the author weaves a guidebook of spirituality for moderns. The whole tapestry works because the strands are strong and reliable. The reader is invited to take up those threads and make, not a medieval tapestry, but a refashioned modern life after the pattern of St. Francis.”—Murray Bodo, author of The Journey and the Dream
“Filled with concrete suggestions, this is sure to appeal to seekers of a more simple and authentic life.”—Library Journal
“Covers every aspect of the best of Christianity lovingly, producing a book that could easily make converts.”—Booklist

Table of Contents

The Lessons of St. Francis – John Michael Talbot with Steve Rabey 1. A Tangible Saint
2. Simplicity
3. Joy
4. Solitude
5. Humility
6. Creativity
7. Chastity
8. Community
9. Compassion
10. Creation
11. Service
12. Peace
13. Prayer
14. Francis: His Life and Legacy