The Life and Times of the Code Talker

The Life and Times of the Code Talker

Written by: Chester Nez
Written by: Judith Schiess Avila

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101608425
  • 82 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Chester Nez’s memoir was just the beginning. Here are more stories and photos from the last remaining Navajo Code Talker of World War II.

After the publication of his book, Code Talker, Chester Nez reflects on the path that took him to where he is today—from growing up on the New Mexico reservation steeped in the traditions of his Native American ancestors, to his days fighting alongside other Code Talkers, to his hardships and triumphs after the war. Here are stories of his family, then and now, tales of his close relationship to nature and her creatures, accounts of how his life and legacy have changed since publishing his memoir, and a tribute to his fallen friends.

The Life and Times of the Code Talker is the perfect purchase for those who never want Chester Nez’s stories to end…

Includes a preview of Code Talker: The First and Only Memoir by One of the Original Navajo Code Talkers of WWII



Praise for Code Talker:

“Gripping in its narrative, Code Talker is history at its best.”—Colonel Cole C. Kingseed, U.S. Army (Ret.), co-author of Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters

“A fascinating inside look at one of WWII’s most closely guarded secrets . . . This is an important book, a previously untold piece of our history.”—Marcus Brotherton, author of Shifty’s War

“A unique, inspiring story by a member of the Greatest Generation.”—Kirkus Reviews

“You don’t need to be a fan of World War II literature to appreciate this memoir . . . a fascinating melange of combat in the Pacific theater, the history of the Navajo people and the development of a uniquely American code.”—The Associated Press

“History books can list facts about the Navajo code talkers, but they will never be as true as Mr. Nez’s firsthand account. Code Talker is memoir at its best!”—Karen Fisher-Alaniz, author of Breaking the Code

“A remarkably affecting first-person account of the Navajo Marines who served their country with distinction through some of the worst battles of the Pacific theater.”—The Washington Times