The Life We Are Given

The Life We Are Given

A Long-Term Program for Realizing the Potential of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul

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  • ISBN 9780874777925
  • 224 Pages
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The author of The Future of the Body and the author of Mastery team up to present a proven method for reaching the next stage of human development.

Can people with the time-and energy-consuming concerns of job and family find a way to transform their lives through a regular, long-term program of body/mind/spirit development? Is it possible, through conscious choice, to participate in the next step of human evolution? Two of the most distinguished theorists and teachers of human transformation believe the answer to these questions is yes.

In this inspiring and practical book, George Leonard and Michael Murphy offer a comprehensive program of Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) based on a two-year experimental class that grew out of their lifework. Drawing upon some seventy years of combined experience in the study of human potential, along with the significant findings of their recent experiment, they present step-by-step instructions for joining body, mind, heart, and soul in an evolutionary adventure that has powerful personal and social implications.

Their message will be especially refreshing to those who have become disillusioned by promises of immediate gratification, instant learning, and effortless enlightenment. This book shows the way to profound and lasting transformation through long-term practice. It celebrates the day-by-day joys of the path while opening fresh vistas to human futures.

Table of Contents

The Life We Are GivenPreface: Joining the Evolutionary Adventure

Part I: Vision and Practice
1. A Lifetime’s Quest
2. A Householder’s Path

Part II: A Transformative Practice for Our Time
3. Stepping on the Path
4. The Powers of Affirmation
5. Catching the Winds of Grace: More on Affirmations
6. The ITP Kata: The Tao of Practice
7. The ITP Kata:Transformational Imaging
8. The ITP Kata: Meditation
9. The Exercise Factor
10. Food for Transformation
11. The Body as Teacher
12. The Marriage of Theory and Practice
13. The Magic of Community
14. The Ultimate Adventure

Appendix A. Futher Resources for Practice
Appendix B. Statistical Summary: Cycle 93
Appendix C. Selected Readings