The Light of Truth

The Light of Truth

Writings of an Anti-Lynching Crusader

Editor: Mia Bay
Introduction by: Mia Bay
Notes by: Mia Bay
Introduction by:

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  • ISBN 9780143106821
  • 624 Pages
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The broadest and most comprehensive collection of writings available by an early civil and women’s rights pioneer

Seventy-one years before Rosa Parks’s courageous act of resistance, police dragged a young black journalist named Ida B. Wells off a train for refusing to give up her seat. The experience shaped Wells’s career, and—when hate crimes touched her life personally—she mounted what was to become her life’s work: an anti-lynching crusade that captured international attention.

This volume covers the entire scope of Wells’s remarkable career, collecting her early writings, articles exposing the horrors of lynching, essays from her travels abroad, and her later journalism. The Light of Truth is both an invaluable resource for study and a testament to Wells’ long career as a civil rights activist.
The Light of Truth

The Light of Truth

Ida B. Wells, Editor: Mia Bay, Introduction by: Mia Bay, Notes by: Mia Bay, Editor: Henry Louis Gates, Introduction by: Henry Louis Gates