The Metaphysics

The Metaphysics

Written by:
Introduction by: Hugh Lawson-Tancred
Translated by: Hugh Lawson-Tancred

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140446197
  • 528 Pages
  • Penguin Classics
  • Adult


Aristotle’s probing inquiry into some of the fundamental problems of philosophy, The Metaphysics is one of the classical Greek foundation-stones of western thought

The Metaphysics presents Aristotle’s mature rejection of both the Platonic theory that what we perceive is just a pale reflection of reality and the hard-headed view that all processes are ultimately material. He argued instead that the reality or substance of things lies in their concrete forms, and in so doing he probed some of the deepest questions of philosophy: What is existence? How is change possible? And are there certain things that must exist for anything else to exist at all? The seminal notions discussed in The Metaphysics – of ‘substance’ and associated concepts of matter and form, essence and accident, potentiality and actuality – have had a profound and enduring influence, and laid the foundations for one of the central branches of Western philosophy.

In this edition Hugh Lawson-Tancred’s lucid translation is accompanied by a stimulating introduction in which he highlights the central themes of one of philosophy’s supreme masterpieces. 

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Table of Contents

The Metaphysics – Aristotle Translated with an Introduction by Hugh Lawson-Tancred

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Book Theta
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