The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds

The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds

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  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780399170911
  • 64 Pages
  • Blue Rider Press
  • Adult


The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds is an illustrated, pocket field guide that enables anyone to quickly identify psychotic, violent or mentally unstable bird species. Written in non-technical language for the layman, the guide describes where to find—or where to avoid—the most disturbed North American birds.

Throughout the book the reader will discover tales of murder, assault, mental breakdowns, obesity, drug abuse and infidelity among the birds. This guide is used and recommended by law enforcement agencies and ignored by leading ornithologists.

We are only just discovering the reality of our avian adversaries, with their reptilian brains, their appetites for mayhem and the fact that they fly mostly to spite us. To ignore the information found within this volume may be at the peril of your very life.


“This book will have you doubled over with laughter….It’s so much fun.”—Marney Rich Keenan, The Detroit News

“For too long we have enjoyed our assumed power over the birds, reducing them to fetish objects of voyeuristic desire. Binoculars in hand, we stalk them in the forest, ignorant of the fact that they are stalking us. The Mincing Mockingbird’s new book documents the dangers we face. The bird rebellion has begun.”—Paste Magazine