The Misanthrope and Other Plays

The Misanthrope and Other Plays

Written by:
Introduction by: Donald M. Frame
Afterword by: Lewis Seifert

Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780451529879
  • 528 Pages
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The Misanthrope * The Doctor in Spite of Himself * The Miser * The Would-Be Gentleman * The Mischievous Machinations of Scapin * The Learned Women * The Imaginary Invalid

“The comedy,” Molière once quipped, “is excellent, and they who deride it deserve to be derided.”

Written during the triumphant final years of Molière’s career, these seven works represent the mature flowering of his artistry and the most profound development of his vision of humanity. They are essential to appreciating the full genius of this greatest and best-loved French comic author.

With an Introduction by Donald M. Frame and an Afterword by Lewis C. Seifert


“There are no better comedies than his.”—The New York Times

“Molière understands the genius of comedy, and presents it in a natural style.”—Jean Chapelain