The Moral Intelligence of Children

The Moral Intelligence of Children

How to Raise a Moral Child

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  • ISBN 9780452279377
  • 240 Pages
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Child psychiatrist and Harvard professor Robert Coles has actively dedicated much of his life to exemplifying, teaching, and writing about the moral life. In his wonderful new book, Coles illuminates the ways in which children become moral or not so moral adults, drawing on case studies, talks with parents, visits to nurseries and classrooms, and interviews with children. No subject could be more important and more timely-for all Americans, but especially for parents. In the tradition of such bestsellers as Cultural Literacy and Emotional Intelligence, The Moral Intelligence of Children identifies a new type of intelligence essential for success and fulfillment in life. This Plume edition will be used by parents and teachers for years to come as the authoritative guide to children’s moral development.? 7 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list!? First serial in Time magazine.? Major nationwide press.? Robert Coles, a nationally recognized expert in child development, deals here with one of the hottest issues today.

Table of Contents


I. Moral Intelligence
1. The Moral Imagination: Witnesses
2. The Good Person
3. A Not-so-Good Person: Moral Undertow
4. Moral Crossroads – Bad Behavior, Bad “Witnesses”

II. The Moral Archaeology of Childhood
1. The Early Years
2. The Elementary School Years: The Age of Conscience
3. Adolescence

III. Letter to Parents and Teachers