The New New Thing

The New New Thing

A Silicon Valley Story

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140296464
  • 288 Pages
  • Penguin Books
  • Adult


As American capitalism undergoes a seismic shift, Michael Lewis, author of the bestselling Liar’s Poker, sets out on a Silicon Valley safari to find the true representative of the coming economic age. All roads lead to Jim Clark, the man who rewrote the rules of American capitalism as the founder of (so far) three multi-billion dollar companies–Silicon Graphics, Netscape, and Healtheon. Lewis’s shrewd, often brilliantly funny, narrative provides ahead-of-the-curve observations about the Internet explosion and how the success of Silicon Valley companies is forcing a reassessment of traditional Wall-Street business models.

Weaving Clark’s story together with that of this new business phenomenon, Lewis has drawn us a map of markets and free enterprise in the twenty-first century and blown the lid off the changing economy.

The New New Thing

The New New Thing

Michael J. Lewis


“The most significant business story since the days of Henry Ford…Lewis achieves a novelistic elegance.” –Boston Globe

“May be to Silicon Valley what Pepys‘s diary was to 1660’s London or Twain‘s Roughing It to the American West of the last century.” –Kurt Andersen, The New York Times Book Review (front-page review)

Table of Contents

1. The Boat That Built Netscape
2. The Accelerated Grimace
3. The Past in a Box
4. Disorganization Man
5. Inventing Jim Clark
6. The Boom and the Mast
7. Throwing Sand in Capitalists’ Eyes
8. The Great Brain Quake of August 9, 1995
9. The Home of the Future?
10. God Mode
11. How Chickens Become Pork
12. New New Money
13. Cheese Sandwiches for Breakfast
14. Could Go Either Way
15. At Sea in the Home of the Future
16. Chasing Ghosts
17. The Turning Point
18. The New New Thing
19. The Past outside the Box
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