The Night at the Crossroads

The Night at the Crossroads


Additional Formats
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780141393483
  • 160  Pages
  • Penguin Books
  • Adult


Georges Simenon’s riveting tale of deception in an isolated community, part of Penguin’s series of new Inspector Maigret translations

“She came forward, the outlines of her figure blurred in the half-light. She came forward like a film star, or rather like the ideal woman in an adolescent’s dream. ‘I gather you wish to talk to me, Inspector . . . but first of all please sit down . . .’ Her accent was more pronounced than Carl’s. Her voice sang, dropping on the last syllable of the longer words.”

Maigret has been interrogating Carl Andersen for seventeen hours without  a confession. He’s either innocent or a very good liar. So why was the  body of a diamond merchant found at his isolated mansion? Why is his  sister always shut away in her room? And why does everyone at Three Widows Crossroads have something to hide?
The Night at the Crossroads

The Night at the Crossroads

Georges Simenon, Translator: Linda Coverdale

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