The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime

The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime

Con Artists, Burglars, Rogues, and Scoundrels from the Timeof Sherlock Holmes

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An exclusive collection-the first- ever gathering of rogues from the gaslight era

collected here for the first time: the best crime fiction from the gaslight era. All the legendary thieves are present-Arsène Lupin and A. J. Raffles, Colonel Clay and Simon Carne, Romney Pringle, Get Rich Quick Wallingford, and the Infallible Godahl-burgling London and Paris, conning New York and Ostend, laughing all the way to the bank. Also featured are stories by distinguished writers from outside the mystery and detective genres, including Sinclair Lewis, Arnold Bennett, H. G. Wells, and William Hope Hodgson.
The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime

The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime

Introduction by: Michael Sims, Edited by: Michael Sims, Notes by: Michael Sims


“Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may the more perfectly respect it.”
-G. K. Chesterton

Table of Contents

The Penguin Book of Gaslight CrimeAcknowledgments
Introduction: Fools and Their Money
Suggestions for Further Reading

The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime

Grant Allen (1848-1899)
The Episode of the Diamond Links

Guy Boothby (1867-1905)
The Duchess of Wiltshire’s Diamonds

E. W. Hornung (1866-1921)
Nine Points of the Law

Robert Barr (1849-1912)
The Mystery of the Five Hundred Diamonds

Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)
A Comedy on the Gold Coast

William Le Queux (1864-1927)
The Story of a Secret

O. Henry (1862-1910)
The Chair of Philanthromathematics

George Randolph Chester (1869-1924)
Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford

Frederick Irving Anderson (1877-1947)
Blind Man’s Buff

William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918)
The Diamond Spy

Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951)
The Willow Walk

Edgar Wallace (1875-1932)
Four Square Jane