The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt

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From its humble origins as a cluster of rival chiefdoms along the banks of the Nile, ancient Egypt rose to become one of the most advanced civilizations of its time. This atlas traces its turbulent history and remarkable cultural development, from the founding of Memphis around 5000 BC, through the territorial expansion and flourishing trade of the ‘age of empire’, to Greek domination and ultimate collapse. Political rivalries are charted through the successive dynasties, from the strife of the intermediate periods to the golden ages of prosperity and artistic glory under Akhenaten, Tutankhamun and Ramesses II. The latest archaeological evidence is used to cast new light on the vast architectural legacy of the world’s first great nation state. The authoritative narrative, illustrated with over sixty full colour maps and over seventy plates, makes this an indispensable handbook for history students and enthusiasts alike.
The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt

Written by: Bill Manley

Table of Contents


Part I: Origins of Ancient Egypt
Prehistoric Egypt
The Emergence of Egypt
The Old Kingdom Administration
Old Kingdom Egypt and Nubia
The Great Pyramid Age
The First Intermediate Period
The Egyptian Language and Writing

Part II: The Middle Kingdom
The Wars of Reunification
The Administrative State
The Faiyum and Delta
Middle Kingdom Egypt and the Near East
Middle Kingdom Egypt and Nubia
The Second Intermediate Period
Thebes, Kush and the Hyksos Kings
Egyptian Literature

Part III: The New Kingdom
The Wars of Ahmose
Wawat and Kush
Egypt, Syria and Palestine I
Egypt, Syria and Palestine II
Punt and God’s Land
Power and the Royal Palace I
Power and the Royal Palace II
The Amarna Letters
Egyptian Art

Part IV: The Late New Kingdom
The Road to Kadesh
Libyan Invasions and the Sea Peoples
The Decline of Royal Authority
Tanis, Thebes and Libya
The Palestinian Campaign of Shoshenk I
Division of the Kingdom
Kings from Kush
The Valley of the Kings

Part V: The Late Period
The Sack of Thebes
The Saite Monarchy
Saite Egypt and the Near East
The Nubian Legacy of the 25th Dynasty
Persian and Egyptian Independence
After Alexander
Women in Egypt

King List
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