The Penguin Historical Atlas of Greece

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Greece

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The cradle of Western civilisation, Ancient Greece was a land of contradictions and conflict. Intensely quarrelsome and competitive, the Greek city-states consistently proved unwilling and unable to unite. Yet, in spite of or even because of this internal discord, no ancient civilization proved so dynamic or productive. The Greeks not only colonized the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas but set standards of figurative art that endured for nearly 2500 years. Charting topics as diverse as Minoan civilization, The Persian Wars, the Athenian Golden Age and the conquests of Alexander the Great, the book traces the development of this creative and restless people and assesses their impact not only on the ancient world but also on our own attitudes and environment. The authoritative narrative, illustrated with over sixty full colour maps and over seventy plates, makes this an indispensable handbook for history students and enthusiasts alike.
The Penguin Historical Atlas of Greece

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Greece

Written by: Robert Morkot

Table of Contents

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece – Robert Morkot Timelines
Part I: Crete, Mycenae and the Heroic Age
King Minos and Knossos
The Mycenaean World
Bronze Age Trade
The Sea Peoples Controversy
The Collapse of Mycenae
The Trojan Wars
Minoan and Mycenaean Art
Part II: Dark Age to Athenian Ascendancy
Dark Age Greece
Rise of the City-States
Migration and Colonization
Egypt and Kyrenaica
The Greeks in Italy
Rise of the Tyrants
Athens Ascendant
The Classical Myths
Part III: The Persian Rival
Persia and the West
Kingdom of Macedonia
Persian Campaigns I
Persian Campaigns II
The Continuing Rivalry
The Rise of Sparta
Ancient Explorers
Greek Literature and Thought
Part IV: Perikles to Philip
Perikles and the Athenian Empire
Peloponnesian War – the Aegean
Peloponnesian War – Sicily
Sparta and Thebes
Kingdoms of Northern Greece
Decline of Athens
Philip and Macedonian Expansion
Greek Warfare
Part V: Alexander and After
Campaigns of Alexander
Alexander the General
Alexander’s Spoils
Consolidation of the Kingdoms
New Kingdoms, New Rivalries
Kingdoms in Crisis
Roman Conquest
Architechture of Ancient Greece
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