The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings

The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140513288
  • 144 Pages
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Viking marauders struck fear into the hearts of ninth-century European peasants, monks and nobles alike for two centuries, but the Vikings were more than seaborne terrorists. This atlas illustrates their influence extending from the Holy Land to Newfoundland, as explorers, settlers, craftsmen and hired mercenaries.
The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings

The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings

John Haywood

Table of Contents

The Causes of the Viking Age

Part I: The Origins of the Vikings
The Scandinavian Environment
Scandinavia before the Vikings
Pagan Religion and Burial

Part II: Scandinavia in the Viking Age
From Chiefdoms to Kingdoms
Rural Settlement
Trade and Trade Routes
Ships and Seafaring
Viking Towns
Women in the Viking Age

Part III: The Viking Raids
The Raids Begin
The Raids Intensify
The Vikings in the Mediterranean
The Franks Fight Back
The Great Army in England
The Great Raids on Francia
Wessex Defended
The Conquest of the Danelaw
The Kingdom of York
Vikings in Ireland I
Vikings in Ireland II
The Vikings in Scotland
Scandinavian Placenames in Britain
The Duchy of Normandy
The Vikings in Brittany
The Viking Warrior

Part IV: The North Atlantic Saga
The Faeroes and Iceland
The Settlement of Iceland
Icelandic Literature
The Vikings in Greenland
Voyages to Vinland

Part V: The Vikings in the East
The Swedes in the East
From Scandinavian to Slav

Part VI: The Transformation of the Vikings
Raids on Aethelraed’s Kingdom
The Danes Conquer England
The Empire of Cnut
The Thunderbolt of the North
The Struggle for England
The Kingdom of Man and the Isles
The Twilight of Viking Scotland
Scandinavia after the Vikings
The Early Scandinavian Church

Viking Kings and Rulers
Further Reading

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