The Physiology of Taste

The Physiology of Taste

Translator: Anne Drayton
Introduction by: Anne Drayton

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140446142
  • 384 Pages
  • Penguin Classics
  • Adult

Table of Contents

Introduction by Anne Drayton
Aphorisms by the Professor to serve as a prologue to his work and an eternal foundation for his Science
Dialogue between the author and his friend

Part One: Gastronomical Meditations
1. On the senses
2. On taste
3. On gastronomy
4. On appetite
5. On food in general
6. Specialities
7. The theory of frying
8. On thirst
9. On drinks
10. On the end of the world
11. On gourmandism
12. On gourmands
13. On gastronomical tests
14. On the pleasures of the table
15. On shooting-luncheons
16. On digestion
17. On rest
18. On sleep
19. On dreams
20. On the influence of diet on rest, sleep, and dreams
21. On obesity
22. Prevention and cure of obesity
23. On thinness
24. On fasting
25. On exhaustion
26. On death
27. Philosophical history of cooking
28. On restaurateurs
29. A model gourmand
30. Bouquet

Part Two
Envoy to the Gastronomes of the Two Worlds

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