The Portable Faulkner

The Portable Faulkner

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780142437285
  • 688 Pages
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In prose of biblical grandeur and feverish intensity, William Faulkner reconstructed the history of the American South as a tragic legend of courage and cruelty, gallantry and greed, futile nobility and obscene crimes. No single volume better conveys the scope of Faulkner’s vision than The Portable Faulkner.

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Table of Contents

The Portable FaulknerIntroduction by Malcolm Cowley
Books by William Faulkner

1. The Old People
Editor’s Note

1820. A Justice
1833. The Courthouse (A Name for the City)
(From Requiem for a Nun)
18 . Red Leaves
1859. Was
(From Go Down, Moses)

2. The Unvanquished
Editor’s Note

1864. Raid
(From The Unvanquished)
1869. Wash
1874. An Odor of Verbena
(From The Unvanquised)

3. The Last Wilderness
Editor’s Note

1883. The Bear
(From Go Down, Moses)

4. The Peasants
Editor’s Note

1908. Spotted Horses
(From The Hamlet)

5. The End of an Order
Editor’s Note

1902. That Evening Sun
1918. Ad Astra
1924. A Rose for Emily
1928. Dilsey
(From The Sound and the Fury)

6. Mississippi Flood
Editor’s Note

1927. Old Man
(From The Wild Palms)

7. Modern Times
Editor’s Note

1928. Death Drag
1929. Uncle Bud and the Three Madams
(From Sanctuary)
1930. Percy Grimm
(From Light in August)
1940. Delta Autumn
(From Go Down, Moses)

8. The Undying Past
Editor’s Note

1951. The Jail (Nor Even Yet Quite Relinquish—)
(From Requiem for a Nun)
1699-1945. Appendix: The Compsons
1950. Address upon Receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature