The Prosecutors

The Prosecutors

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780452285545
  • 384 Pages
  • Plume
  • Adult


Rick Brewer thought the robbery would be “easy in, easy out” when he rounded up a team to rob the Bread Store.  But when they arrived, there was no money, and Brewer shot employee Jason Frost three times at close range with a sawed-off Mossberg shotgun. 

John O’Mara, for twenty years the top prosecutor in Sacramento’s homicide division, must decide whether or not to seek the death penalty, and his team of prosecutors must fight for justice for the family and the state.

This case—and others that are just as shocking, including the case against Nikolay Soltys, the Ukranian émigré who slit the throat of his pregnant wife and then killed four members of his family, including his three-year-old son, and a high-profile case involving the SLA and Patty Hearst—is the subject of The Prosecutors, a graphic, behind-the-scenes look at how the criminal justice system really operates.

The Prosecutors

The Prosecutors

Written by: Gary Delsohn


The Prosecutors is the ultimate insider’s look at the criminal justice system.” —Michael Connelly, bestselling author of Lost Light

“Detailed, insightful reporting…[A] remarkable book.” —The Seattle Times

“This is a gripping insider account–the good, the bad and ugly, the ambitious, the all-too-human, and the gossipy.” —The Oregonian

Table of Contents

The ProsecutorsAcknowledgements

Chapter 1: Easy In, Easy Out
Chapter 2: It’s Going to Be a Tough Year
Chapter 3: I Want Twelve Americans
Chapter 4: Child Killer
Chapter 5: On with the Show
Chapter 6: Suspicious Story
Chapter 7: Southside Punks
Chapter 8: Dead Bang Winner
Chapter 9: Great Bodily Injury Resulting in Death
Chapter 10: Trial By Jury
Chapter 11: Kidnap, Rape, Murder, Justice
Chapter 12: Closing Arguements
Chapter 13: Serial Killer
Chapter 14: Doctor on Trial
Chapter 15: Major Participant
Chapter 16: Life or Death
Chapter 17: One Less Case
Chapter 18: L.A. Blues
Chapter 19: Decision Time
Chapter 20: Long Time Coming
Chapter 21: The Frosts
Chapter 22: Epilogue: The Sacramento District Attorney