The Romance of Sorcery

The Romance of Sorcery

The Famous Exploration of the World of the Supernatural

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780399169205
  • 352 Pages
  • TarcherPerigee
  • Adult


Long out of print, this classic survey of magic and the occult clearly explains centuries of mystical rituals and practices—part of the new Tarcher Supernatural Library.

This guide distills generations of magical practice, witchcraft, and other occult interests across cultures and centuries into a single, enchanting volume.    

 Written for laymen and practitioners alike, The Romance of Sorcery simply and readably outlines the history of magic—from ancient Egypt to John Dee to Madame Blavatsky—showing how both Wiccan practice and witches in popular culture came to be.

The first three titles released in Tarcher’s Supernatural Library are Ghost Hunter (by Hans Holzer), Romance of Sorcery (by Sax Rohmer) and Isis in America (by Henry Steel Olcott).
The Romance of Sorcery

The Romance of Sorcery

Sax Rohmer


“There is no better general introduction to magic, sorcery, and the paranormal.”
—Fantastic Fiction
“A serious contribution to the literature of one of the most fascinating subjectsin the world.”
—The New Republic
“Definitely worth reading. Any serious collector of books about the occult should grab it immediately, and I’m very proud to have it in my bookshelf.”
— Stefan Isaksson


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