The Savages

The Savages

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  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781468308563
  • 288  Pages
  • Teen


The Savage family is close-knit, but everyone has something to hide—from father Titus’s shady business dealings, to mother Angelica’s dangerously compulsive shopping habits, to 12-year-old Ivan’s increasingly lethal pranks. But teenager Sasha’s secret trumps them all: she is dating a vegetarian. This trait will never fly with the rest of the Savages, who are…uniquely carnivorous.
Problems start to pile up. Sasha’s boyfriend convinces her to try going vegetarian for a month, but then leaves her for a vegan vigilante. Angelica attempts to pay her mounting credit card bill by allowing commercials to film in the family home, until one of Ivan’s pranks leaves a model dead in their bathroom. A detective hired to investigate Titus’s predatory business affairs notices the model’s disappearance, and starts to think that there may be something more sinister to the perfect-seeming Savages.
He’s right, of course—they’re cannibals.


“I devoured (there’s no other way to put it) The Savages. And they were delicious! Seriously. I absolutely loved the book. It was funny and fascinating, occasionally repulsive, and beautifully written. Also quite thought-provoking, since I have an uneasy relationship with meat-eating, yet can’t quite commit to vegetarianism. What I especially loved is how caring and tender the Savage family was. I’ll be on the lookout for more of Matt Whyman’s writing from here on in. I’m a fan!” —Ellen Potter, author of The Kneebone Boy

“Wickedly funny and mildly disturbing…Whyman’s taste for the bizarre is grislier than most, and a gruesome finale is particularly unsettling. But it’s his choice phrasing (the family’s victims are “free range”) and spot-on comedic delivery, seen especially in 12-year-old Ivan’s pointed practical jokes, that make the book so digestible.” —Publishers Weekly
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