The Scarlet Bride

The Scarlet Bride

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101569139
  • 336 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


 Notorious bad boy Simon Harrington, third in line for his uncle’s title, has finally conceded to settling down and finding a noble wife.  Then he stumbles across a courtesan in peril on a dark London street, and his life takes an unexpected turn.  Fearing for her safety, he brings the mysterious beauty to his cousin’s School for Brides, where compromised women are taught how to be suitable wives.  But he finds it impossible simply to walk away.

A poor country squire’s daughter, Laura Precott was promised in marriage to the shadowy Earl of Westwick.  Instead of making her his wife, however, he betrayed her and forced her to become his mistress.  When she learned of his plan to sell her at auction, she fled for her life.

Simon knows he must forget his feelings for such an unsuitable woman or risk disgracing his family.  But when Laura’s former lover turns out to have been murdered the very night of her escape, suspicion falls squarely on Laura.  Now it is up to Simon to prove her innocence—even if it leads to his downfall…

The Scarlet Bride

The Scarlet Bride

Written by: Cheryl Ann Smith


Praise for the School for Brides Romances:
“Chockablock with plot twists…Plenty of passion and intrigue.” –Publishers Weekly

“Smith makes a dazzling entrance to the romance community with a charming, sexy, innovative tale that sparks the imagination. There’s a bright future ahead of Smith.” –Romantic Times

“Will appeal to fans of historical romance…Passion, mystery, and intrigue, a fast-paced plot, and a dashing and worldly hero who knows how to work with his hands.”  –TwoLips Reviews