The Scent Trail

The Scent Trail

How One Woman’s Quest for the Perfect Perfume Took Her Around the World

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Lyttelton?s passion for fragrance inspired her to have a signature perfume created just for her?and then to embark on the ultimate olfactory odyssey. Armed with a list of ingredients, she tracked down each component of her scent, tracing its origins, history, and culture.

From the iris fields of Tuscany to the vetivert distilleries of India, from the nutmeg plantations of Sri Lanka to the shores of the Arabian Sea, Celia gives readers a glimpse into the world of scent that few people have ever experienced, providing delicious details on its place in history?for example, how Casanova added small amounts of ambergris to chocolate mousses to aid his amorous adventures, and how Charles Dickens carried a monogrammed pocket nutmeg grater in his waist coat at a time when nutmeg was used to ward off evil and to spice rum.
The Scent Trail

The Scent Trail

Written by: Celia Lyttelton