The Science Class You Wish You Had (Revised Edition)

The Science Class You Wish You Had (Revised Edition)

The Seven Greatest Scientific Discoveries in History and the People Who Made Them

Written by: David Eliot Brody
Written by: Arnold R. Brody

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  • ISBN 9780399160325
  • 416 Pages
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What does E=mc2 really mean? What is DNA? What was the big bang? These scientific concepts have changed our perception of the world…but for many of us they remain mysteries, bits and pieces of information retained from classroom lectures but never truly understood.

Now we can finally grasp the grandeur and complexity of these ideas, and their significance in our lives. Revised and updated to include the latest discoveries that are changing the way we view the world and the universe, this new edition of The Science Class You Wish You Had will take you on a journey through space and time—from the subatomic to the universal. It explains in a lively, accessible way what these milestones of scientific discovery mean and what direct impact they have on our lives today and will have in the future.

For everyone interested in science, history, and biographies of extraordinary people—or anyone who wants to understand the workings of the physical world—this thorough and authoritative book is a perfect introduction to science’s most profound discoveries, and a testament to the triumph of human knowledge.

Newton: Gravity and the Basic Laws of Physics
Rutherford and Bohr: The Structure of the Atom
Einstein: The Principle of Relativity
Hubble: The Big Bang and the Formation of the Universe
Darwin: Evolution and the Principle of Natural Selection
Flemming and Mendel: The Cell and Genetics
Watson and Crick: The Structure of the DNA Molecule


“An engaging and accessible book. Not only are the explanations of the science clear and straightforward, but the stories of the scientists’ lives help illustrate the process of science…a real winner.”
—Laura D. Gates, Vice President, The Field Museum, Chicago