The Search for the Giant Squid

The Search for the Giant Squid

The Biology and Mythology of the World’s Most Elusive Sea Creature

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140286762
  • 336 Pages
  • Penguin Books
  • Adult


The most mysterious and elusive of all sea creatures, the giant squid–at least sixty feet long and weighing nearly a ton–is also one of the largest. Yet for all its magnificent size and threatening undersea presence, Architeuthis has remained a mystery. Until now. In this marvelous and beautifully illustrated book, marine biologist, explorer, and artist Richard Ellis presents all that is known about the giant squid. Delving into myth, literature, popular culture, and science, he brings readers face to face with this remarkable creature. He also provides a thorough, compelling study of what is known and what is still to be discovered about this exotic animal that has never been studied alive. Interweaving his engrossing narrative with a wealth of fascinating illustrations and photographs, Ellis gives us the first comprehensive history of the only living creature that can truly be called a “sea monster.”

Table of Contents

The Search for the Giant SquidIntroducing Architeuthis
Is the Sea Monster a Giant Squid?
The Biology of Squids, Giant and Otherwise
By What Name Shall We Call the Giant Squid?
Architeuthis Appears
What Do We Know About Architeuthis?
Battle of the Giants
The Giant Squid in Literature and Cinema
The Models of Architeuthis
Authenticated Giant Squid Sightings and Strandings
Illustration Credits
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