The Soul of Man Under Socialism and Selected Critical Prose

The Soul of Man Under Socialism and Selected Critical Prose

Introduction by: Linda Dowling
Noted by: Linda Dowling

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Oscar Wilde-witty raconteur, flamboyant hedonist, and self-destructive lover-is most familiar as the author of brilliant comedies, including The Importance of Being Earnest, An Ideal Husband, and the decadent novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. This selection of critical writings reveals a different side of the great writer-the deep and serious reader of literature and philosophy, and the eloquent and original thinker about society and art. This illuminating collection includes “The Portrait of Mr. W. H.,” “In Defense of Dorian Gray,” reviews, and the writings from Intentions (1891), including “The Decay of Lying,” “Pen, Pencil, Poison,” and “The Critic as Artist.”

Table of Contents

The Soul of Man under Socialism and Selected Critical ProseIntroduction
Note on the Texts
Eight Reviews (1885-90)
1. Mr. Whistler’s Ten o’Clock
2. The Relation of Dress to Art
3. A Sentimental Journey through Literature
4. Mr. Pater’s Imaginary Portraits
5. [The Actor as Critic]
6. Poetical Socialists
7. Mr. Swinburne’s Last Volume
8. Mr. Pater’s Last Volume

The Portrait of Mr. W. H. (expanded version 1889)

In Defence of Dorian Gray (1890-91)

The Soul of Man Under Socialism (1891)

Intentions (1891)
1. The Decay of Lying
2. Pen, Pencil and Poison
3. The Critic as Artist – Part I
The Critic as Artist – Part II
4. The Truth of Masks

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