The Stem Cell Hope

The Stem Cell Hope

How Stem Cell Medicine Can Change Our Lives

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780452297968
  • 336 Pages
  • Plume
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A landmark book by the senior science writer at Time magazine introduces us to a medical breakthrough that can save our lives. 

Few people know much about stem cell research beyond the ethical questions raised by using embryos. But in the last decade, stem cell research has made huge advances toward eliminating some of our most intractable diseases. Now this sweeping and accessible book introduces us to this cutting-edge science that will revolutionize medicine and change the way we think about and treat disease. 

Alice Park takes us from stem cell’s controversial beginnings to the recent electrifying promise of being able to create the versatile cells without using embryos at all. She shows us how stem cells give researchers an unprecedented ability to study disease while giving patients the promise of replacing diseased cells with healthy new ones. And she profiles the scientists and leaders-many with their own compelling stories-who have fueled the quest and will continue to shape the field in years to come.


“A tour de force of storytelling.” — Sharon Begley, author of Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain

“Infuses a difficult scientific subject with intrigue, passion, and fun.” — Michael F. Roisen, M.D., coauthor of the YOU series

“Park’s book proves there is truly stem cell hope for all of us, not just hype.” — J. Craig Venter, sequencer of the human genome and author of A Life Decoded