The Success Gurus

The Success Gurus

17 Lessons in Greatness from the Best Minds in Business

Written by: Andrew Clancy
Written by: Soundview Executive Book Summaries Eds.

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  • ISBN 9781101517758
  • 288 Pages
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  • Adult


Insightful and easy-to-read summaries of fifteen great books.

There are dozens of leadership and career books published every year, each promising a different path to success. How are readers expected to get the information they need without reading every one of them?

Soundview Executive Book Summaries has developed a reputation for being the premier business book selection service in the country. Each month Soundview editors select and summarize the best books so that readers can get a better idea of what’s out there and which books will give them an edge.

Soundview follows up its previous books (The Marketing Gurus, The Management Gurus, and The Sales Gurus) with this collection of fifteen synopses of definitive books from authors who know the challenges of having a great career. They include Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, Stephen R. Covey, and Marchall Goldsmith. Two of the summaries have never been published.

Each book is represented by main points, key examples, best quotes, and more.
The Success Gurus

The Success Gurus

Written by: Andrew Clancy, Written by: Soundview Executive Book Summaries Eds.