The Swift Diet

The Swift Diet

4 Weeks to Mend the Belly, Lose the Weight, and Get Rid of the Bloat

Foreword by: Mark Hyman

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  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781594633324
  • 352 Pages
  • Hudson Street Press
  • Adult


The microbiome is about to be the hottest thing in health. New research, for example, shows that lean people have different gut bacteria than heavier people.

The Swift Diet will be the first to show women how they can tap into that research to lose weight permanently by eating to change their gut bacteria. But the promise doesn’t stop there—the Diet also helps heal the bloating, gas, constipation, and digestive distress that so often go with carrying extra weight. These four weeks of meal plans, recipes, and lifestyle changes will:

• Help you to lose weight permanently

• Banish the gas/bloat

• Regulate digestion

• Clear your skin

• Help you to concentrate better

• Increase your energy

• Eliminate stomach pain

With its groundbreaking message and simple eating plan, The Swift Diet will be the one that finally heals your belly and gets the weight off— permanently.


“Kathie Swift, a leader in the functional nutrition and functional medicine revolution, brings her wisdom to the pages of this groundbreaking book, The Swift Diet, synthesizing the principles that she, and we, have been cultivating for 20 years to bridge the gap between food and medicine.”
—Susan S. Blum, MD, MPH, author of The Immune System Recovery Plan
 “Kathie breaks down nutritional science and the age-old question “what to eat?” into easily digestible morsels, leaving us feeling nourished, optimistic and joyful about the healing power of food.”
—Robynne Chutkan, MD, author of Gutbliss
“This book is a gem. Kathie Swift has mentored many of us and she has helped heal thousands of people with her deep knowledge of food and nutrition. Buy this book and let her wisdom about food heal you.”
—Drew Ramsey, MD, author of Fifty Shades of Kale
“Kathie Swift has been getting to the core of better nutrition for decades, illuminating the integral link between optimal digestion and optimal health. I am grateful to Kathie as a trailblazer who continues to light the path for healing via better quality whole foods.”
—Ashley Koff RD, nutrition and health blogger, author of Mom Energy
 “I’ve learned everything I ever wanted to know about gut health, and then some, from Kathie Swift. Now, in The Swift Diet, she is sharing her 30 years of knowledge and clinical pearls with you.”
—Rebecca Katz, MS author of The Longevity Kitchen
 “Kathie Swift is a wordsmith, nutrition master, and wise woman. She takes you on a journey into the intimate world of your gut, your food and your health, and offers you the tools you can use to make changes that will revitalize your life at every level.”
—Aviva Romm, MD, author of Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health
“Kathie Swift is a rare source of sane nutritional wisdom. She’s courageous enough to push beyond outdated nonsense. And she’s practical enough to help people past the barriers that keep them from making healthy choices in real life.” 
—Pilar Gerasimo, founding editor, Experience Life magazine
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