The Telephone Doodle Book

The Telephone Doodle Book

More Than 150 Doodles to Complete While You Are On Hold

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781592405602
  • 176 Pages
  • Avery
  • Adult


Banish boredom forever with this ingenious little book-the perfect cure for telephone tedium

Whether you’re waiting to talk to a computer tech in Bangalore or a reservationist at your local bistro, the world of telephone service can be fraught with long waits and disconnections. The Telephone Doodle Book to the rescue! Containing more than 150 incomplete doodles to get you started, this clever collection is designed to unleash your inner artist. Whether you sketch like Picasso or simply have itchy fingers, illustrator Andrew Pinder provides pages of ways to wake up the brain during telephone downtime. The Telephone Doodle Book will get a pen in your hands and stir creativity. From the beautifully drawn to the wickedly witty, his starting points will inspire serene scenes, funny cartoons, or scribbled jumbles of surrealistic triumph. The ideal way to burn off pent-up nervous energy and relieve stress, it offers a brilliant, artistic antidote to “hold” music.
The Telephone Doodle Book

The Telephone Doodle Book

Written by: Andrew Pinder