The Theory of the Leisure Class

The Theory of the Leisure Class

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  • 416 Pages
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A classic of sociology and economics, originally published in 1899

With exquisite irony, Veblen, the “best critic of America that America has produced” (C. Wright Mills), lays bare the hollowness of our canons of taste and culture. 

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Table of Contents

The Theory of the Leisure Class – Thorstein Veblen Introduction by Robert Lekachman
Chapter I: Introductory
Chapter II: Pecuniary Emulation
Chapter III: Conspicuous Leisure
Chapter IV: Conspicuous Consumption
Chapter V: The Pecuniary Standards of Living
Chapter VI: Pecuniary Canons of Taste
Chapter VII: Dress as an Expression of the Pecuniary Culture
Chapter VIII: Industrial Exemption and Conservatism
Chapter IX: The Conservation of Archaic Traits
Chapter X: Modern Survivals of Prowess
Chapter XI: The Belief in Luck
Chapter XII: Devout Observances
Chapter XIII: Survivals of the Non-Invidious Interest
Chapter XIV: The Higher Learning as an Expression of the Pecuniary Culture