The Truth About Children and Divorce

The Truth About Children and Divorce

Dealing with the Emotions So You and Your Children Can Thrive

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Nationally recognized expert Robert Emery applies his twenty-five years of experience as a researcher, therapist, and mediator to offer parents a new road map to divorce. Dr. Emery shows how our powerful emotions and the way we handle them shape how we divorce—and whether our children suffer or thrive in the long run. His message is hopeful, yet realistic—divorce is invariably painful, but parents can help promote their children’s resilience. With compassion and authority, Dr. Emery explains:

• Why it is so hard to really make divorce work
• How anger and fighting can keep people from really separating
• Why legal matters should be one of the last tasks
• Why parental love—and limit setting—can be the best “therapy” for kids
• How to talk to children, create workable parenting schedules, and more


“Finally, an internationally respected scholar tells parents the absolute truth about divorce and its effect on children.”—John Gottman, PhD, author of The Heart of Parenting: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child