The Universal Baseball Association

The Universal Baseball Association

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781590209851
  • 256 Pages
  • Overlook Books
  • Adult


J. Henry Waugh immerses himself in his fantasy baseball league every night after work. As owner of every team in the league, Henry is flush with pride in a young rookie who is pitching a perfect game. When the pitcher completes the miracle game, Henry’s life lights up. But then the rookie is killed by a freak accident, and this"death" affects Henry’s life in ways unimaginable. In a blackly comic novel that takes the reader between the real world and fantasy, Robert Coover delves into the notions of chance and power.


Praise for The work of Robert Coover:

"Robert Coover is one of the most original and exciting writers around. Every new book from him is great news." –Edwidge Danticat, McSweeney’s

"Coover adds his dazzling two bits to the deconstructionist turf Paul Auster prowled in The New York Trilogy." –Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

"[A] brilliant parody of noir and hardboiled fiction and film." –Michael Lipkin, New York Journal of Books

"Right from the start the book nearly matches On the Road for sheer electricity . . . Coover made baseball on the page seem three-dimensional, exulting in what he called the game’s ‘almost perfect balance between offense and defense.’ He captured what Philip Roth, in a 1973 New York Times essay on baseball, called ‘its longueurs and thrills, its spaciousness, its suspensefulness, its heroics, its nuances, its lingo, its’characters,’ its peculiarly hypnotic tedium’. . . The genius of the novel is in how Coover revels in the sun-bright vitality of the world Waugh has created, full of drink and lust and dirty limericks and doubles down the line — and yet brings Waugh face to face with its darkest truths." –The New York Times Book Review