The Whole Pregnancy Handbook

The Whole Pregnancy Handbook

An Obstetrician’s Guide to Integrating Conventional and Alternative Medicine Bef ore, During, and After Pregnancy

Written by:
Written by: Robin Aronson

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781592401116
  • 576 Pages
  • Avery
  • Adult


At last, everything you need to know about the latest in alternative and conventional healthcare before, during, and after pregnancy—in one comprehensive, jargon-free guide.Whether you embrace the philosophy that mind, body, and spirit work together to promote good health or you’re just looking for a way to have the healthiest, most comfortable pregnancy possible, The Whole Pregnancy Handbook has the information you need to make educated decisions and take charge of your prenatal care. The Whole Pregnancy Handbook features
  • Complementary treatments and techniques to improve your pre-conception health and fertility, such as nutritional medicine, mind-body medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine

  • Comprehensive and compassionate information about genetic and prenatal testing

  • Techniques such as massage, accupressure, herbal medicine, and mind-body exercises to help you relax and feel more comfortable as your pregnancy progresses

  • A fully illustrated chapter on prenatal yoga with pose variations for all three trimesters.

  • How your pregnancy unfolds month by month and how you can connect with your baby while you’re expecting

  • The best practices of doulas and midwives

  • The pros and cons of giving birth in a hospital, birthing center, or at home

  • Effective pain management for your labor—from epidurals to hypnotherapy

  • Everything you need to know about inductions, assisted deliveries, and C-sections

  • What happens postpartum—physically and emotionally

  • Candid recollections and insights from other moms and patient stories from Dr. Evans’s practice, The Center for Women’s Health

The Whole Pregnancy Handbook is an informative and reassuring guide that will empower you to combine the best of conventional and alternative medicine with confidence at every stage of pregnancy.

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The Whole Pregnancy Handbook

The Whole Pregnancy Handbook

Written by: Joel Evans, Written by: Robin Aronson