The World Split Open

The World Split Open

How the Modern Women’s Movement Changed America: Revised and Updated with a NewE pilogue

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  • ISBN 9780140097191
  • 544 Pages
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The Newly Revised and Updated Edition

In this enthralling narrative-the first of its kind-historian and journalist Ruth Rosen chronicles the history of the American women’s movement from its beginnings in the 1960s to the present. Interweaving the personal with the political, she vividly evokes the events and people who participated in our era’s most far-reaching social revolution. Rosen’s fresh look at the recent past reveals fascinating but little-known information including how the FBI hired hundreds of women to infiltrate the movement. Using extensive archival research and interviews, Rosen challenges readers to understand the impact of the women’s movement and to see why the revolution is far from over.
The World Split Open

The World Split Open

Written by: Ruth Rosen


“People who decry and fear women’s liberation should read [this book]. The experience will provide them with a factual underpinning for what women were, and still are, up against.” –The Washington Post

“A first-rate history of contemporary feminism….[Rosen’s] account of the past 50 years is comprehensive and detailed, erudite and personal, suitable for the night table as well as the academy.” –San Francisco Chronicle

Table of Contents

Preface: The Longest Revolution

Part One: Refugees from the Fifties
Chapter 1: Dawn of Discontent
Chapter 2: Female Generation Gap

Part Two: Rebirth of Feminism
Chapter 3: Limits of Liberalism
Chapter 4: Leaving the Left

Part Three: Through the Eyes of Women
Chapter 5: Hidden Injuries of Sex
Chapter 6: Passion and Politics
Chapter 7: The Politics of Paranoia

Part Four: No End in Sight
Chapter 8: The Proliferation of Feminism
Chapter 9: Sisterhood to Superwoman

Epilogue: Beyond BacklashNotes
Interviews Not Cited in Notes and Archival Collections
Bibliography for Further Reading and Research