The Youth Pill

The Youth Pill

Scientists at the Brink of an Anti-Aging Revolution

Written by: David Stipp

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  • ISBN 9781101442289
  • 336 Pages
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  • Adult


In The Youth Pill, journalist David Stipp explores the scientific battle against aging and the pioneers of the movement to extend lifespan for everyone. He takes readers behind the scenes and introduces us to the key players who are experimenting with the most promising cutting-edge research. It is an informative and provocative read that shows how a small group of optimistic and determined scientists are closing in on drugs that will change the way we live forver.


“David Stipp is the ideal ambassador to the sometimes surreal landscape of life extension. How is it possible to understand so much, to explain so clearly, to tell a story so engagingly and so well? I hope he keeps writing books until he’s 300 years old. (And guess what? It’s not entirely out of the question!)”

—MARY ROACH, bestselling author of Stiff, Spook, and Bonk

 “Well-researched, excellent book on the progress of the biology of aging.”

—Robert N. Butler, founding director, National Institute on Aging