The Zeroes

The Zeroes

My Misadventures in the Decade Wall Street Went Insane

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"A delicious, salacious recounting of Wall Street’s bloated decade . . . marvelously readable." -BusinessWeek

Randall lane never set out to become a Wall Street power broker. But during the decade he calls the Zeroes, he started a small magazine company that put him near the white-hot center of the biggest boom in history. Almost by accident, a man who drove a beat-up Subaru and lived in a rented walk-up became the go-to guy for big shots with nine-figure incomes.

Lane’s saga began with a simple idea: a glossy magazine exclusively for and about traders, which would treat them like rock stars and entice them to splurge on luxury goods. Trader Monthly was an instant hit around the world. To accelerate the buzz, Lane’s staff threw parties featuring celebrities, premium steaks, cigars, and top- shelf vodka. Before long, Wall Street’s rich and powerful trusted Lane as a fellow insider-the guy who could turn an anonymous trader into a cover model and media darling.

When the crash hit, lane’s company and life savings were destroyed. But he walked away with something more lasting: an incredible true story.


“Captivating…the perfect prism to view the larger picture of what was happening across the financial canvas during those sky’s-the-limit years.”
-USA Today

“An extremely well-written book, a hard-to-put-down cocktail of small business mishaps and gigantic Wall Street egos.”

“A circle of characters that could have come straight out of a potboiler…vivid.”

“Great book!”
-Joe Scarborough, “Morning Joe”

“If a hustling Candide had told the story of the Great Wall Street Meltdown, it might read something like this book.”
-The Wall Street Journal

“Anyone who wants to understand Wall Street’s insanity should read this book.”

“A delicious, salacious recounting of Wall Street’s bloated decade …marvelously readable.”

“Lane makes no excuses for the era. But the color he extracts makes for lively beach reading.”

“A remarkable story.”

-The Financial Times

“What Michael Lewis did for ’80s traders in Liar’s Poker, Randall Lane has now done for trader rock stars of The Zeroes. You will be stunned by the craziness and cautioned by the consequences.”
-Jack Covert, 800-CEO-Read

“The stuff of sublime farce that could happen only in a time and place “when the obscene becomes normal,” as Lane observes.
-Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair

“Absolutely brilliant.”
-Tina Brown