Then Came Life

Then Came Life

Living with Courage, Spirit, and Gratitude After Breast Cancer

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  • ISBN 9780698162181
  • 240 Pages
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  • Adult


The author of Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy dares all women who have had a stumble in life to harness their fighting spirit and stand back up with courage and optimism.
One mastectomy, two C-sections, three pant’s sizes, and lots of red lipstick later, Geralyn Lucas is dealing with the same issues as other women her age. Her miracle babies have grown into a typical tween with a fierce eye-roll for her mom’s failings and a tornado of a little boy who won’t play by his preschool’s rules. Her storybook romance with her husband has spiraled into couples therapy and her perfect-if-demanding corporate job as a TV producer has abandoned her for L.A. When she looks in the mirror at her hard-won wrinkles, all she wants is . . . Botox.
Celebrating her sweet sixteen cancerversary she’s thankful for her second chance and ready to be daring—but can she survive life’s new ups and downs with the same courage she’s always had?
With an infectiously hilarious voice and a true sense of empowerment, Geralyn harnesses her fighting spirit to live life loudly and lustily, and to grab on to all the moments that might never have happened. Knowing she can only pedal forward, she mines every day for boldness, joy, and gratitude, and eventually falls in love with life again. Then Came Life is not just for cancer survivors; it’s for life survivors—a call to rediscover the resilience and optimism it takes to reinvent yourself at any age. 


Praise for Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy:
“A bold memoir.”
“Outrageous and often hilarious. . . . This is a totally frank, inspiring and defiant account of undaunted courage.”
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Read this book and you’ll never wear lipstick the same way again.”
—Kim Cattrall, actress

Advance Praise for Then Came Life

 “It takes a tremendous amount of courage, determination, and confidence to rise up and reinvent your life after breast cancer treatment is over. Life feels fragile and frightening. Geralyn Lucas’ book is a fresh, smart, funny, open and honest account of the raw moments from low self-worth to new self-appreciation, mourning to celebration, marriage to motherhood, and from hiding to bold extroversion. It’s a fascinating real life bumpy ride. Buckle your safety belt and read this book!”
—Marisa C. Weiss, MD, President and Founder of

“I love this honest, funny, and deeply emotional book. This story is about how any life crisis, not just health, reverberates for better and worse in all the years that follow, lurks and transforms marriage, children, career.  Geralyn charmed her way into my heart and took up permanent residence.”
—Delia Ephron, author of Sister Mother Husband Dog (etc.)

“The author of the original girl power cancer tome is back with a tour de force. Geralyn Lucas proves once again that it’s not just what’s in her cosmetic bag of tricks that gets her through, but her emotional makeup. Then Came Life isn’t just for cancer survivors, but for anyone who’s survived anything. I just love this book!”
—Marissa Marchetto, author of Cancer Vixen
“As the physical embodiment of aspiration and audacity, she has paved the way for our generation of young cancer survivors to become the change we wished to see.”
—Matthew Zachary, cancer activist and CEO of Stupid Cancer
“l loved Geralyn’s words of wisdom, wonder and whimsy. She is my pink soul sister!”
—Betsey Johnson, fashion designer

“This is the first time that wearing lipstick is a metaphor for courage and hope. Geralyn Lucas’ story of her experience with breast cancer is written in a breezy, inspirational voice. Her energetic enthusiasm and fears are balanced beautifully and expressively to rivet the reader on each page.”
-Evelyn Lauder, senior corporate vice president of The Estée Lauder Companies and 
founder and chairman of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
“I played it, Geralyn lived it. Read this book and you’ll never wear lipstick the same way again.”
-Kim Cattrall, actress
“In this gutsy, touching and often hilarious journal, Geralyn takes the reader on her roller coaster of emotional experiences, from the heartbreak of hearing her diagnosis to the triumph of her daughter’s birth. Millions of women, and those who love them, will be forever grateful for this powerful and life-affirming book. At Lifetime, I know we are immensely grateful and proud to have Geralyn’s passion and knowledge dedicated to our advocacy campaign to stop breast cancer.”
-Carole Black, president and CEO of Lifetime Entertainment Services
“This book is an extraordinary perspective from the inside out. As Geralyn’s self-discovery and triumph over breast cancer unfolds, she takes us with her from her doctor’s office, to work, through her living room, to the bedroom, right into the bathroom, and in and out of taxicabs. You need to be with her through each of these moments to see-right up close-how much sheer sweetness, sadness, love, honesty, uncertainty, terror, courage, excitement, hope, and guts were bundled into each piece of every day. Geralyn is bigger than life and death. Now I’m wearing lipstick!”
-Marisa Weiss, M.D., breast cancer specialist, president and founder of, founder of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and author of Living Beyond Breast Cancer
“Geralyn Lucas makes you laugh and cry in the very same moment…Her vivid scenes are cinematographic in detail, and sweep you along her journey with unerring perception, insight, and ultimately, acceptance and personal growth. This unique story is a must-read for any woman who has a friend, loved one, or who is herself enduring the experience of breast cancer. It’s like nothing else ever written on the subject, and adds a note of humanity and humor to a topic that often lacks either. You can’t help but thoroughly enjoy this book.”
-Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief of Self magazine (the founder of Pink Ribbon)
“A bold memoir.”
“Surprisingly optimistic and immensely empowering.”
-Publishers Weekly
“Outrageous and often hilarious…This is a totally frank, inspiring and defiant account of undaunted courage.” -Seattle Post-Intelligencer