Things We Forget

Things We Forget

Little Reminders of What Matters Most

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780399165191
  • 288  Pages
  • Perigee
  • Adult


Sometimes the most important things in life are the ones we forget.

This inspiring collection of hand-drawn notes began with a simple premise: It’s worth remembering what’s most important in life, even when you can’t see the bigger picture. From his very first note, written hastily in the backseat of a taxi for the benefit of the next passenger (it said “Never give up”), J. J. Penn has inspired both passersby and devoted online fans with his uplifting and quirky reminders. Every day since then, Penn’s simple notes, created with nothing more than a pen and a sticky pad, have been photographed and then left in public—on a park bench, at a bus stop—anonymously and hopefully, to spread a little goodwill and brighten someone’s day.

Collected in book form, they serve as a heartfelt reminder about what matters most.


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