Those Feet

Those Feet

A Sensual History of English Football

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781468303506
  • 288  Pages
  • Adult


In this playful, witty and highly original look at English soccer, David Winner, author of the acclaimed Brilliant Orange, journeys to the heart of an essential English pastime and sheds new light on the true nature of a rapidly changing game that was never really meant to be beautiful.

With the same insightful eye he brought to his bestselling study of Dutch soccer, Winner shows how Victorian sexual anxiety underlies England’s many World Cup failures. He reveals the connection between Roy Keane and a soldier who never lived but died in the Charge of the Light Brigade. And he demonstrates how thick mud and wet leather shaped the contours of the English soul.


"Thank God for David Winner . . . with an easy wit, Winner traces the game back to its roots and the results are as intriguing as they are amusing . . . Those Feet really is a marvelous book and you’re unlikely to come across anything better for some considerable time."–Duncan White, FourFourTwo

"Winner has made as good a stab at psychoanalyzing England’s national sport as I have read." –Daily Telegraph

"It is a book of surprising twists and turns, casually brilliant flicks and powerful, penetrating insight." –Glasgow Herald
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