Tiki Barber's Pure Hard Workout

Tiki Barber’s Pure Hard Workout

Stop Wasting Time and Start Building Strength and Muscle

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  • ISBN 9781101651520
  • 224 Pages
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The former NFL great, now a Today show correspondent, teams up with his renowned trainer to reveal the phenomenal lifting program that made him a gridiron star

As a running back for the New York Giants, Tiki Barber smashed team records and made numerous Pro Bowl appearances. Though he was initially considered too slight to be an every-down player, that changed when he met Joe Carini, a champion powerlifter with a unique weightlifting program. Now Tiki and Joe provide everyone with the strength secrets that transformed Tiki into the pound­for-pound strongest man in the NFL and a true force on the field.

Tiki Barber’s Pure Hard Workout is a rigorous powerlifting regimen based on lifting heavy weights with the biggest muscles in the body and covers the ins and outs of nutrition, stretching, warming up, and resistance-based cardio workouts. Filled with three hundred color photographs that capture Tiki performing each exercise, with in-depth instructions to guide readers through executing each move, this book outlines the true path to results.
Tiki Barber's Pure Hard Workout

Tiki Barber’s Pure Hard Workout

Written by: Tiki Barber, Written by: Joe Carini