A Thriller

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  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781468300093
  • 432 Pages
  • Adult


Hard on the heels of last year’s brilliant thriller, The Collaborator, comes this excellent multilayered thriller. In 1992, after being fired from a top-secret nuclear facility, a top KGB man buried a nuclear suitcase. Sixteen years later he has found a buyer for it. Traveling with the buyer is an undercover policeman, working for MI6. But as their shadowy journey begins, it becomes clear to a top psychiatrist that their man may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and the whole operation is very likely to be thrown into jeopardy. Displaying a fast- paced narrative and an in-depth knowledge of international politics, Timebomb is thrilling Seymour to keep a reader up late into the night.


"Intricately crafted and clocklike in its controlled release of psychological and geopolitical tension."
– –Kirkus Reviews

"Seymour, who is classed with espionage luminaries like Ambler and le Carre, has crafted a convoluted plot and a host of complex and exquisitely tormented characters, but it’s his focus on human frailty that makes Timebomb a winner."
– –Booklist

"Seymour shifts focus among his large cast with a nimbleness that heightens suspense, sustains interest and creates a rooter’s sympathy for (or at least an understanding of) even the most violent characters . . . To the author’s aesthetic credit, Timebomb ticks to a satisfying if ambiguous conclusion."
– –Wall Street Journal
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