Tour of the Merrimack: Volume One

Tour of the Merrimack: Volume One

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Mass Market Paperback
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780756409548
  • 656 Pages
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  • Adult


The U.S.S. Merrimack was the finest battleship class spaceship in Earth’s fleet, able to stand up against the best the Palatine Empire could throw at them. They were even able to survive  an attack by the  deadly swarms of the seemingly unstoppable Hive. Only her sister ship, the Monitor, was her equal. However, with the Palatine forces preparing a massive offensive, and the Hive targeting every living organism in the galaxy for destruction, even these two great battleships may fall….

This omnibus edition includes the first two novels of R.M. Meluch’s acclaimed Tour of the Merrimack series, The Myriad and Wolf Star.
Tour of the Merrimack: Volume One

Tour of the Merrimack: Volume One

Written by: R. M. Meluch


“Meluch shows particular skill in creating memorable characters while exhibiting a refreshing ruthlessness in subordinating them to the logical ramifications of the plot.”—(Starred Review for The MYRIAD), Publishers Weekly
“Captain John Farragut and the intrepid crew of the starship USS Merrimack take on the Romans with the skill, flair, and foul-mouthed witticisms one would expect from space-faring sailors and marines.”—(Starred Review for WOLF STAR), Publishers Weekly
The Myriad begins a series that is an amalgam of subgenres: military science fiction, space opera, time paradox, and alternate history…. This novel will prove thoroughly enjoyable to fans of military science fiction authors like David Weber and David Drake.”—The B&N Review
“The novel is full of action, tough military talk, and space-opera war.”—