Trust Me, Mom--Everyone Else Is Going!

Trust Me, Mom–Everyone Else Is Going!

The New Rules for Mothering Adolescent Girls

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From “queen bees” to “gamma girls” to the “odd girl out,” adolescent girls are all over the news.  But whether a girl is popular or struggling to fit in, outgoing or reserved, her mother worries about how she is coping with her new, often scary, teenage social world:  Who is she with, what is she really doing, is she safe and, of course, is she happy?  In this essential survival guide, Roni Cohen-Sandler teaches parents to “use their BRAIN”—Be flexible, Respectful, Attuned, Involved, and Non-controlling—to build trust and help their daughters navigate these complex social waters. Addressing such issues as popularity, boyfriends, parties and partying, discipline, privacy, body image, and identity, Cohen-Sandler provides a new model for parenting adolescent daughters for today’s generation of mothers.

Table of Contents

“Trust Me, Mom – Everyone Else Is Going!”Acknowledgments
Chapter 1. Moms, Take Heart: A New Outlook
Chapter 2. Revisiting Your Approach: Teen Parenting 101
Chapter 3. Shaping Her Sense of Self: Adolescent Development
Chapter 4. Daily Issues, Daily Choices: Discussions
Chapter 5. To Snoop or Not to Snoop: Information Gathering
Chapter 6. When She’s Caught: Trouble
Chapter 7. Truth and Consequences: Discipline
Chapter 8. Circling of the Wagonettes: Friendship
Chapter 9. Love and Lust: Romance
Chapter 10. Parties and Partying: Socializing
Chapter 11. Making Her Way: Letting Go