Twelve Effective Ways to Help Your ADD/ADHD Child

Twelve Effective Ways to Help Your ADD/ADHD Child

Drug-Free Alternatives for Attention-Deficit Disorders

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In 12 Ways to Effectively Help Your ADD/ADHD Child, you’ll discover that helping a child with ADD/ADHD is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. You have to identify the various biochemical and nutritional pieces and fit them together into a completed puzzle of a happy, healthy child. Improve diet, track down hidden food allergies, and identify and avoid inhalant allergens and chemical sensitivities. Included are menu suggestions, shopping tips, and 30 recipes to help parents deal with diet changes, such as avoiding artificial colors, milk, wheat, sugar, and chocolate. 12 Ways to Effectively Help Your ADD/ADHD Child discusses the latest research reports from prestigious medical journals about ADD/ ADHD, deficiencies, and lead poisoning.

Table of Contents

12 Effective Ways to Help Your ADD/ADHD ChildAcknowledgments
A Word About Gender

Part 1: Understanding the Basics of ADD and ADHD
What are ADD and ADHD?

Causes of ADD and ADHD

An Ounce of Prevention

Part 2: Twelve Ways to Help Your Child
Way 1: Improve your Child’d Diet

Way 2: Choose Sweeteners Carefully

Way 3: Track Down Hidden Food Allergies

Way 4: Add Essential Fatty Acids to Your Child’s Diet

Way 5: Choose Vitamins, Minerals and Other Supplements Carefully

Way 6: Solve the Yeast COnnection

Way 7: Identify Inhalant Allergies

Way 8: Identify Chemical Sensitivities

Way 9: Investigate Lead and Aluminum Poisening

Way 10: Enhance Perception

Way 11: Consider Crawling Lessons

Way 12: Try Biofeedback

Part 3: Helping Your Child Adjust to His New Diet
Shopping and Cooking for Your ADD/ADHD Child

Celebrating Happy Holidays

Pleasing Recipes for the Child with ADD/ADHD


Appendix A: Scientific Studies for You and Your Doctor

Appendix B: Jimmy’s Common Foods Elimination Diet and Dairy

Appendix C: Resources for Parents