From Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion

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The powerful and inspiring story of an all-American wrestler who defied the odds

Anthony Robles is a three-time all-American wrestler, the 2011 NCAA National Wrestling Champion, and a Nike-sponsored athlete. He was also born without his right leg. Doctors could not explain to his mother, Judy, what led to the birth defect, but at the age of five, the one-legged toddler scaled a fifty-foot pole unassisted. From that moment on, Judy knew that her son would be unstoppable.

Anthony first began wrestling in high school; he was the smallest kid on the team and finished the year in last place. But he completed his junior and senior years with a 96–0 record to become a two-time Arizona State champion. In college, he faced personal hardships which almost forced him to drop out. But Anthony remained focused on his goals and won the NCAA National Championship in March 2011. Unstoppable is the story of one man whose spirit and unyielding resolve remind us all that we have the power to conquer adversity—in whatever form.


“That he didn’t quit, that he came back for one final season in the sport “God put him on this earth to do,” as Judy puts it, is a reminder of the amazing things that can happen when we don’t give in; when we hang on for just a little longer than our bodies and minds are telling us to…The guy thinks he’s Superman. Look at what he’s done already. Who are we to argue?” — Jay Leno, from the foreword

Unstoppable is an inspirational narrative that captures the essence of conquering fears, breaking down barriers, and never letting one’s dreams be shattered.  This is truly the American spirit.”
—Condoleezza Rice
“I am inspired by his courage… [Anthony] is a reminder of the amazing things that can happen when we don’t give in; when we hang on for just a little longer than our bodies and minds are telling us to.” —Jay Leno, from the Foreword
Unstoppable is a really touching and absorbing account of Anthony’s journey. I’ve really enjoyed the way he’s taken me there to share it with him. This is a great book!”
—Serena Williams
“Anthony Robles beat the odds by becoming unstoppable on the mat and in life. He’s an inspiration.”
—Michael Oher, author of the New York Times bestseller I Beat the Odds
Unstoppable is filled with passion, empowerment, hope, and encouragement. Anyone who reads this book will walk away with a sense of self-motivation to go out and accomplish their dreams.”
—LaDainian Tomlinson, former NFL running back and Most Valuable Player
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